Spotlight News Policies

Fact Checking Policy:

Spotlight News’ reporters have primary responsibility for reporting, writing, and fact-checking their stories.
Stories are subject to review by one or more editors.
Spotlight News has a multi-level structure for the review and editing of stories that may include fact-checking. These include editors (department heads, online editors and managing editor) who collaborate with reporters on the origination of stories and typically provide initial review when a story is submitted by a reporter; copy editors who often provide initial review on breaking news stories and routinely provide second-level review on print and other less time-sensitive stories; and senior editors who have overall oversight of the digital products throughout the day as well as Spotlight News’ print editions.
Editors who oversee digital platforms also may be involved in the presentation of stories as well as headlines, news alerts and newsletters.
The number of editors who review a story prior to publication and the extent of their involvement varies depending on a range of factors, including complexity, sensitivity, and the pressure of time.