The Capital District Humanist Society Presents: Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds


You know how when someone disagrees with you, and you educate them with your evidence, they say, “Of course you’re right! How could I have been so wrong?!?”  Yeah, that doesn’t happen often.  Melanie Trecek-King will explain how to think better and have more productive conversations. Melanie Trecek-King is an Associate Professor of Biology at […]

The Capital District Humanist Society Presents: Humanistic Judaism Paul Golin

Most American Jews don’t believe in a god, yet still consider themselves Jewish.  Humanistic Judaism, a non-theistic alternative, removes the supernatural from holiday and lifecycle rituals. Paul Golin, of the Society for Humanistic Judaism, will talk about the implications of this approach for other secular people as well - the familial and cultural pull toward […]

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